About Nikola

Nikola has worked in the Tv/Film Industry for more than 20 years. He started as an 3D/Motion Graphic Artist in 1998 at National Broadcast Corporation of Serbia, and later moved on as Video Editor to the private sector. For few years he was doing offline editing for advertising.

It was in 2004 when he started working as Online artist and Colorist at Media Plus Belgrade when he fell in love with color grading. He realized that he has a meticulous eye for color, and a strong communication with his clients, which together helped him bring their vision to the screen.

He developed a passion for the moving image and how it evokes mood, tone and communicates ideas. In 2007 Nikola started working as Colorist in Cinelabs, film and video postproduction facility and film lab. There he worked on color grading for feature films, TV series and music videos, as well as telecine transfers and mastering.

As of 2009, he has worked as a Senior Colorist in Serbia, South Korea and China respectively. Over the last 15 years he spent working as a colorist, and learned that he enjoys collaborate with filmmakers from all around the world and making iconic looking images.

Nikola’s goal is to give every filmmaker professionalism together with confidence in the aesthetic he provides.

He has had the pleasure to work with the directors such as Gustav Johansson, Kosta Glušica, Marco Kalantari,  Limin Wang, Jovan Todorović, Rob Chiu, Paul Geusebroek, Hailong Li, Salomon Ligthelm – just to name a few.

He lives in Shanghai with his wife and their kids.

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