TVC Color Grading Reel

This reel is edited from commercials that I’ve had a pleasure working on from year 2013 to 2017 as a colorist at Technicolor Shanghai, BE Colour Shanghai and Digital Domain Shanghai.

You can download reel HERE or play it on Xinpianchang.

AMG, The Flying Finn Mika Häkkinen⎪Director: Marcos Mijan, Cinematographer: Luka Milićević

BUICK, Progress⎪Director: Salomon Ligthelm, Cinematographer: Khalid Mohtaseb

TAOBAO, Fashion Week⎪Huang Xing Yu & Wang Xile, Cinematographer: Liang Cui

JD.COM, Hectic Breaker⎪Director: Jovan Todorović, Cinematographer: Albert Salas

ADIDAS, This is me⎪Director: Paul Guesbroek, Cinematographer: Daniel Bouqet

DELL, Street Fighter⎪Director: Li Hailong, Cinematographer: Ray Zhong

TOYOTA, Levin⎪Director: Olivier Megaton, Cinematographer: Garry Waller A.S.C.

MERCEDES BENZ, Grow Up⎪Director: Wang Li Min, Cinematographer: Jin Chenyu

AMG, Performance Speaks for itself⎪Director: Adam Rosey Rosenblatt, Cinematographer: Eric Treml

MERCEDES BENZ, Intelligent Light⎪Director: Laurentius Emmelmann, Cinematographer: Thomas Wildner

LELO, Beyond The Wave⎪Director: Goran Gajić, Cinematographer: Gianpaolo Lupori

BOLON, Anne Hathaway⎪Director: Kai Z Feng, Cinematographer: Thomas Kloss

ADIDAS, Superstar⎪Director: Dave Meyers, Cinematographer: Johan Palm

BUICK, Regal GS⎪Director: Scott Speer, Cinematographer: Richard Kendall

ACURA, MDX⎪Director: Jeff Yeats, Cinematographer: Paul Meyers

MICHELIN, Let’s Go for a Tasty Drive⎪Director: Jonathan Knuckey, Cinematographer: Jorge Calderón

NIKE, Rise⎪Director: Michael Lawrence, Cinematographer: Ross McLellan

GILLETTE, Scandal Shave⎪Director: Marco Gentile

PHILIPS, Parents⎪Director: Marco Kalantari, Cinematographer: Chris Reed

NIKE, Own The Night⎪Director: Rob Chiu, Cinematographer: Daniel Gottschalk

CHERVROLET, Malibu XL⎪Director: Jeff Yeats, Cinematographer: Vikash Nowlakha

VUELVE AL PARASO⎪Director: Amar Hernandez, Cinematographer: Daniel Meré

SUNING, 818⎪Director: Tseng

VOLKSWAGEN, Departure⎪Director: Stewart Hendler, Cinematographer: Oliver Millar

LEVI’S, Revel⎪Director: Gustav Johansson, Cinematographer: Niklas Johansson

TOP ELEVEN, Locker Room⎪Director/Cinematographer: Kosta Glušica

TENCENT GAMES, Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils⎪Director Zhang Zhe, Cinematographer: Ray Zhong

CHEVY, K227⎪Director: Andrew S.T. Gregg

ZESPRI, Sweeter Than You Think⎪Director: Rafael Lopez Saubidet, Cinematographer: Marcus Autelli

ZTE, Axon 7⎪Huang Xing Yu & Wang Xile, Cinematographer: Ray Zhong

ALIENWARE, We’re Game⎪Director: Zou Fei, Cinematographer: Zhao Xuhui

SPRITE, LOL⎪Director: Marco Kalantari, Cinematographer: Vikash Nawlakha

DORITOS, SpiderMan⎪Director: Igor Borghi

DELL, XPS⎪Director: Li Hailong, Cinematographer: ZhongQiang Liang

SPRITE, Night In The Museum⎪Director: Paco Cruz, Cinematographer: Oliver Millar

THE SHANGHAI TOWER⎪Director/Time-lapse by Joe Nafis


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