Toyota – Levin

Australian actor Hugh Jackman, most famous for his role as Wolverine in the X-Men series, stars as Levin in this short film. Criminal forces have captured his girlfriend, Cynthia, played by Taiwanese actress Shu Qi, who hit it big in Feng Xiaogang comedy If You Are the One.

After Jackman receives a call from a sinister man using Cynthia’s phone number, he hits the car’s start button and races off to recover his lover. The action sequences give ample opportunities to see the car in motion, with several sequences utilising impressive footage shot from helicopters high above LA’s freeways.
The campaign encompassed a TVC series later combined in a short movie, a couple of trailers and a 2 TV ads in somewhat of a different style than the film.

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Film Poster:

Director: Olivier Megaton

Cinematographer: Garry Waller

Cast: Hugh Jackman, Shu Qi

Production Company: P.I.G.

Producers: Cellin Gluck, Garet Gluck

Year: 2014

Category: Narrative

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