Tilva Ros

Bor, once the largest copper mine, but now just the biggest hole in Europe. Small union protest over the mine privatization is taking place. The plot revolves around Toda and Stefan, two best friends, skaters, who spend their first summer after finishing high school. Stefan’s going to Belgrade to the University in fall. Toda says he wouldn’t apply to the University even if he had the money. They spend time shooting “Jackass-like” videos they call Crap and hanging out with their friends and Dunja, their friend who came back from France for her holidays.

Toda and Stefan get into a quiet battle for her attention and in that strange relationship of dying friendship and rivalry they try to get ahead of each other. Toda gets injured during one of the stunts and goes to a hospital where he learns that he has to apply to the employment bureau in order to get health insurance since he’s not a student any more. There he gets a counselor and has to attend meetings on which he will learn new methods of job application. That’s how Toda is forced into the bureaucratic world of adults. Spending more time at the counselor’s than with his friends makes him annoyed and his quarrels with Stefan slowly become more violent. But when the small union protest evolves into a huge riot their destructiveness will tie them together once again.

Tilva Roš had its first screening and the regional premiere in Sarajevo Film Festival where it won the Best feature film award and Marko Todorović won the Best male actor award. The film had its international premiere in Locarno Film Festival. Tilva Roš has been shown on over 20 international festivals including (Rotterdam, Warsaw, Thessaloniki, Miami, Buenos Aires, San Francisco) and was nominated for different awards. It premiered in Serbia on 26 January 2011 in Bor.

On 11 October 2011 European Film Academy nominated Tilva Roš for the 2011 European Film Awards in the European Discovery – Prix Fipresci section, for the best first feature film in 2011.

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Director: Nikola Ležaić

Cinematographer: Miloš Jaćimović

Cast: Marko Todorović, Stefan Djordjević, Dunja Kovačević

Production Company: Film House Kiselo Dete

Year: 2011

Category: Narrative

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