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Golden Boy

DENIS MARKOVIĆ is a talented football player who reaches the very top of world football at a very young age, but due to character troubles fails to stay at that level. After returning to Belgrade, his manager ČAKI tries to find him a new club, but fails due to his reputation. Denis slowly forgets about football and focuses on going out. Chuck gets into trouble because of gambling and is forced to settle his debt to the usurers, SONI AND DŽONI, with the managerial rights to Denis. Soni and Džoni find Denis in a desperate physical and mental state. They try to put him in order, but Denis refuses any cooperation. At the moment when Soni and Džoni are thinking of giving up, their friend MAKI, known for his troublesome character, comes out of prison. Maki becomes Denis\’ bodyguard and constant companion. The two of them enter an open fight from the start, but little by little Maki manages to reach Denis with his non-traditional methods. Denis is back in shape and gets a chance in the Serbian first league.      IMDB

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Director: Ognjen Janković

Cinematographer: Luka Milićević

Cast: Denis Murić, Igor Benčina, Petar Strugar, Ljubomir Bulajić, Andrija Kuzmanović, Alisa Radaković, Jovana Gavrilović, Tihomir Stanić

Production Company: Fantastika Film Studio

Year: 2022

Category: Narrative

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