About Nikola

Nikola has worked in the Television/Film Industry for the past 16 years. He started as an 3D & Motion Graphic Artist in 1998 at National Broadcast Corporation of Serbia, and later moved on as Video Editor to the private sector. For 4 years he was doing offline editing for advertising. It was in 2004 when he started working as Online artist and Colorist at Media Plus when he fell in love with color grading. He realized that he has a meticulous eye for color, and a strong communication with his clients, which together helped him bring their vision to the screen.


He developed a passion for the moving image and how it evokes mood, tone and communicates ideas. In 2007 Nikola started working as Colorist and DI supervisor in Cinelabs, film and video postproduction facility and film lab. There he worked on color grading for feature films, TV series and music videos, as well as DI supervision, telecine transfers and mastering.


As of 2009, he has worked as a Senior Colorist in Serbia – Media Plus, Korea – Eliot VFX studio, and China – Technicolor SFG respectively. He provided color grading and finishing for commercials, feature films, documentaries, TV series and music videos. In Media Plus in Serbia, and Eliot VFX studio in Korea, Nikola started and set up the color grading departments.


Throughout his work, he has developed a high level of on-set consultation for workflow with DPs and DITs as well as extensive knowledge of all digital formats and color transfer. Over the last 16 years he spent working in post production, and learned that he enjoys making good looking pictures, training peers, troubleshooting complex workflow issues, working on projects that pose a technical challenge, developing pipelines and improving efficiency of existing structures.

It was this enthusiasm that has led Nikola to start a website in 2012 together with his friends and colleagues, a social media initiative VFXSerbia.com, with the aim of improving communication between people in the VFX and complementary film industries, both in Serbia and globally.


Nikola’s goal is to give every client he services professionalism together with knowledge and complete confidence in the product he provides.


He has had the pleasure to work with the directors from all over the world such as Olivier Megaton, Ralf Schmerberg, Kosta Glusica, Christian Aeby, Marco Kalantari, Jeffrey Darling, Istok Tornjanski, Ben Dolphin, Kyngsub Shin, Donovan Greene, Ken Lambert, Heegyu Kim, Gustav Johansson, Jovan Todorovic, Marco Gentile, Rob Chiu, Rafael Lopez, Andrews Jenkins, Allessandro Paciani, Paul Geusebroek, David Pun, Goran Gajic, Dom Bridges, Jess Zou, Adam Rosey Rosenblatt, Paola Morabito, Steve Hudson, Minsu Kim, Maren Hwang, Jihoon Jeon, Marko Djilas, Joel Pront, Igor Kusic, Michael Lawrence, Scott Speer, Dave Meyers – just to name a few.